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Hi everyone! Let me take a moment to introduce myself. I am Gwendolyn B. Elmore a wife, a mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, a mother to many I didn’t birth, an author, a singer, a Certified Marriage Educator Coach, and Certified Marriage Mentor. I believe in marriage and God’s plan for that relationship. I know that He wants couples to enjoy A Marriage By His Design. While the world has been redefining marriage, you want to know the truth about it? He has not changed his mind about marriage and its purpose. I come to you with not just certificate worthy qualifications but real-life experience. While my story may not be your story but applying the spiritual and natural tools provided your marriage can reach a level of total fulfillment.

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Marriage Is a Gift

Marriage is one of the greatest gifts given to man where he can be an expression of The Creator’s love for others. The original plan was to have his creation live out His plan in the earth. Most people really do cherish gifts that given to them. Appreciating the generosity of the gift giver is…


Our story is not that different from many couples who made a decision to divorce. We made a decisionto never use the “D” word. The only difference is that we decided to work through our issues and stay committed to the covenant so that God gets the Glory out of our relationship. We knew that…

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