Marriage Is a Gift

Marriage is one of the greatest gifts given to man where he can be an expression of The Creator’s love for others. The original plan was to have his creation live out His plan in the earth.

Most people really do cherish gifts that given to them. Appreciating the generosity of the gift giver is very important to most people, but for some it maybe just the thought that the giver thought about them and wanted to give something that would reflect, “I was thinking of you”. How many of us are excited about receiving gifts that we were not expecting or receiving gifts that you have long awaiting. Our Father is such a great gift giver that He already had in mind this special gift that could be shared between a man and a woman that would bring not only them joy but that would be the gift that could be passed down through generations. The greatest opportunity to instruct children, bringing them up in the fear and admiration of God.

You might think that marriage is not for everyone, and you are absolutely right, but our Creator thinks that is is necessary for those who seemingly can not avoid violating His sex laws. He did say, it is not good for man to be alone. He also makes it very clear that to avoid fornication, let every man has his own wife and every woman have her own husband. WOW….how amazing is that? Not only does He just tell you not to but he provided a way for you to have the greatest sexual experience which happens in holy matrimony.

Now you might say, well I am married and I don’t feel like I am really getting out of my marriage what was intended by the Creator. While this maybe true at this moment but it does not have to remain a problem. There is hop for your marriage and you can experience the marriage that has already been designed by our Creator for you to enjoy.

Your marriage can be better. Nobody likes a gift that they can’t really enjoy. Husbands don’t let your wives out do you by always being the spouse looking for answers to improve your marriage. You can step up and take your marriage to another level. All it takes is a desire and a committed decision to do so.

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