Our story is not that different from many couples who made a decision to divorce. We made a decisionto never use the “D” word. The only difference is that we decided to work through our issues and stay committed to the covenant so that God gets the Glory out of our relationship. We knew that everything we experienced was not all about us but it was about how God could use our experiences to heal others.

In the past 11 months, there have been so many challenges. Married couples are spending more time together and that time together has brought out feelings that have been dormant or have deliberately failed to deal with them. 

Now that couples are together more, have to deal with the reasons why they were avoiding each other and not being at home. This really is the perfect time to commit to the covenant.

Committing to the covenant starts with each person making the decision. Committing to the does not make you weak it just makes you committed to what is important to God and his purpose for marriage in the earth.

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