God’s Plan

In today’s society everyone has been trying to redefine what God intended for marriage to be. Even the church has redefined it and reduced it down just to bine about the power of having more thing together. What good is you combined worth when the two of you don’t know how to effectively communicate or never touch, never hold each other unless there is a prize at the end. Many couples have the dream home, the dream car, the large bank accounts and even their own businesses but when you talk to them about their relationship with their spouse really sucks. Most of them are spending more time chasing the things that they are too tired to chase each other when they get home.

Marriage has already been defined by God and for anyone to use their thoughts or ideas without going back to the manual is not to be trusted. The church spends so much time teaching about the things that there is no time to teach on marriage and family often. Healthy marriages and families produce healthy ministries. Better marriages mean that there will be better families, better congregations, better businesses and companies. People beiong taught to love each other at home first is very vital to any healthy existence,

We will journey into topics like:

What is marriage? Where did it all begin?

Do I have to forgive my spouse? But they hurt me deeply.

Surviving Infidelity

Married Life with children

Married Life for empty nesters

The Seasons of Marriage

And many more……

More time is spent on the outward appearance than healing the inner man so they can truly enjoy marriage as God designed it.

Follow us and get educated on marriage by God’s design.

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